Wuzhishan River Rafting (Five Finger Mountain River Rafting)

Wuzhishan River Rafting (Five Finger Mountain River Rafting)


Address: Wuzhishan City, Hainan Island

From Sanya: 2hours, 120km

Transportation: Private Car

Package: 580RMB/person, Wuzhishan Rafting + Li & Miao Village

Remark: Free private tour guide service.

The Hainan Wuzhishan Grand Canyon Rafting located at China famous tourism attraction - - Wuzhishan tropical rain forest scenic area, 38 km from the Wuzhishan City. The entire journey of rafting is approximately 6 kilometers, takes 80 minutes.The Wutzushan canyon rafting is 10km from the main peak of Wuzhishan mountain, which is honored as " China’s first rafting " . the scenic area is 45 km from the city, with 10 acres of land , divides into " The brave man exploration rafting " and " The lovers romantic rafting ".

Transfer from Sanya will take about 2 hours(1 trip), playing time will take 2 hours: 2 hours from Sanya.2 persons in a raft. If you be afraid of rafting, they will prepare 1 coach with you.Pls prepare swimming wears, clean clothes.

Wuzhishan City Overview

Wuzhishan City is located in southwest of the highest Wuzhishan peak (elevation 1,867 meters) in Hainan Province , and it mountain tourism is the most concentrated resources in Hainan Province ,and it is also central part of the island which home to the race of Li and Miao. The city's total land area is 1,168 square kilometers,it annual rainfall is 1800-2200 mm , the average temperature is 21-23 ℃, and the forest coverage rate is 81 percent, the highest in the forefront of the province, Hainan Province, the protection of forest biodiversity core area and an important water conservation district. Known as the "health of all Chinese", the "green treasure," "Hainan lobe," "Natural Oxygenous Bar," "Jade Florette" and "Tropical Palace" reputation.

Wuzhishan is famous for unique tropical landscape, the unique weather conditions and unique ethnic customs at home and abroad, each cubic centimeter of air negative oxygen ion content as high as 12,000, the World rare! Wuzhishan tropical rain forests of South America and the Amazon River basin, Indonesia parallel to the tropical rain forests of the world and best-preserved tropical rainforest one of the three, by the International Tourism Organization as A-class tourist area, Hainan Island is the "lungs" . Wuzhishan City of the Four Seasons may be the only drifting Wuzhishan Grand Canyon rafting, "the Hainan Provincial Tourism overall planning framework", as "Five Cities" and "Ten-quality tourist area." Li Miao Wuzhishan City or dance performances and crafts, the main source of each of the Li and Miao, "March 3," the main place for celebrations. The city has won the "national model of national unity and progress", "-support model city", "National culturally advanced city," and "national afforestation and greening Park'n Shop," the "National Urban Forestry Ecological Construction advanced" 28 countries, Provincial Honor.

Wuzhishan River Rafting (Five Finger Mountain River Rafting)

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