Sanya City

Sanya International Olympics Shooting Center


The biggest and most comprehensive Olympics Shooting Center in Southeast Asia

Sanya International Olympics Shooting Center is located in Honsha, Sanya City, Only 10 minutes from dadonghai and 15 minutes from downtown, and 20 minutes from Yalong Bay.

Backing the mountain and facing the sea, it is the biggest and most comprehensive shooting center in Southeast Asia at present. It not only focuses on Ball-Firing, but also provides a pleasant environment for dinning and shopping. The shooting gallery has in all 14 shooting drones, standard 100-meter military training target and various kids of light and heavy wepons made home and abroad. Al this facilities will add satisfaction and excitement to your romantic tropical tours.


International Olympics Shooting Center Price List


Name RMB/Bullet Name RMB/Bullet
Sports air gun 5 5.6mm standard rifle 10
Olympia 5.6mm sport pistol 10 PS-01 5.6 sports pistol 10
5.6mm standard pistol 10 5.6mm “walter” pistol 10
5.6 sports pistol 10 5.6mm moving target rifle 10
5.6mm “Domino” pistol 10 5.6mm sports rifle 10
5.6mm Jian Wei -8 rifle 10 7.62mm revolver 12
5.6mm Jian Wei -9 rifle 10 Double-barrel shotgun 15
5.6mm JW-14semi-auto riffle 10 5.6mm JW-20 semi-auto riffle 10








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