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Yalong Bay Hotels & Resorts

Yalong Bay, Sanya Hainan Island China Yalong Bay, Sanya Hainan Island China

All Hotels & Resorts In Yalong Bay Yalong Bay Map

No.1 bay in China and top 10 bay in Asia!
The Yalong Bay is real paradise for your holiday destination!
It is the harbor to most luxury hotels to be crazy about. Given highest density of top resort brands of China, Yalong Bay has witnessed presence of a large number of worldly famous names: Ritz-Carlton, Sheraton, Marriott, Hilton, Crown Plaza, Holiday Inn and the like. Deluxe, sumptuous, noble, elegant, romantic… you name it!

Taxi From Airport: 50 Min

Dadonghai Bay Beach

Dadonghai Beach, Sanya Hainan Island China Dadonghai Bars

All Hotels & Resorts In Dadonghai Beach Dadonghai Beach Map

Dadonghai, which means Great East Sea, located just 3 km from Sanya city centre, has a 2 km crescent-shaped beach with outstanding swimming and diving, all within a short distance of first-class hotels and great dining, shopping and entertainment facilities. Hotels in Dadonghai mainly consist of two types, resort style and commercial.
Choosing Dadonghai is to choose downtown luxury, where you could find many pubs and cafes operated by foreigners.


Taxi From Airport: 20 Min

Sanya Bay Hotels & Resorts

Sanya Bay, Sanya Hainan Island China Sanya Bay, Sanya Hainan Island China

All Hotels & Resorts In Sanya Bay Beach Sanya Bay Beach Map

Sanya Bay is close to center of Sanya down town.
If says Yalong Bay is luxurious, Dadong Sea is cozy, the downtown is graceful and restrained, then the impression of Sanya Bay should be leisure. There is no bay in Sanya could be comparable with the sunset of Sanya Bay. When the sun starts to set, rosy clouds are spread all over sky, at this point of time, you will find that you were flying.
Choosing Sanya Bay is to choose a multiple-choice convenience: star resorts, vacation apartments, beautiful seascapes, transportations, sightseeing, local fishing custom etc.

Taxi From Airport: 15~30 Min

Sanya Down Town & Surrounding

Sanya Overview

All Hotels & Resorts In Sanya Downtown Sanya Downtown Map

Donw town & Surrounding,The best reason to stay with a city hotel is that you can freely retreat into the street lanes and enjoy the city views, lunch or shopping till your feet get soft, then take a quick back to your room for a sound nap and at the night you can indulge in a night-bar till your head get sinking, then take a short walk back to your room for a profound sleep. Anyway, Sanya downtown is close from Dadonghai and Sanya Bay.
The Sanya surrounding includes Nanshan district and Nantian district.

Taxi From Airport: 15-20 Min

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