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Sanya Sun Spa
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Sanya Sun SPA - only one in Sanya can see the sea from spa treatment rooms.

Spa & Massage Item Time (mins.) Price (RMB)
Sun Spa Signature 75 420
  A signature Massage of Sun Spa, combination of 5 kinds of massage techniques, such as : Swedish, Balinese, Japanese shiatsu, traditional Thai massage, Auravidic Indian especially for those who seek a complete relaxation and the right choice of our house-blend aromatherapy massage oils will enhance the benefit of the treatment.
Muscle Relief 75 420
  This wonderful sports massage created for those who love exercise or outdoor activities. Both soft and firm movements will relax and soothe your whole body, to get your body back and ready for other activities.
Sun Spa Aromatherapy 90 460
  Before this pamparing massage, you are asked to choose your essential oil by the scent you are attracted to or by the feeling you would like to experience: Meditation, Patience, Clarity, Intention and Respect. This massage is deeply relaxing, using long, slow movements and strokes to help quite your mind and bring harmony to body, mind and spirit.
Beautiful Twin Massage 75 780
  • Remarks:
  • All rates are inclusive 10% service charge.
  • Please book before 3 hours.
  • Book through email:, or phone us.

Sun Spa Sanya, is the only one in Sanya can see the sea from spa treatment rooms, and provide essence aromatic, with the natural sea products of Thalgo, which can give you a waken mind and indulge the five senses of human being and bring joy for the soul.

A true fusion Spa in Asia combined European and Asian treatments including Thai Style service are the highlight concept of Sun Spa. Various massage styles, fresh and natural Asiatic products from Thailand and local ingredients up to the trustworthy brands facial and body treatment product from France, India, Italy, the treatments delivered by professional trained Therapists are value for money.

Experience the total beauty, absolute relaxation, and complete rejuvenation with Sun Spa

Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage

  • Increase metabolism
  • Speed up the healing process
  • Enhance the removal of toxins
  • Increase muscle and joint mobility
  • Improve skin tone
  • Aid relaxation by calming the nervous system
  • Improve mental and physical tiredness
  • Reduce aches, pains, spasms and stiffness
  • Improve digestion

All the treatment to mix up with Aroma Essential Oil

OPEN: Sun Spa Sanya opens from 10:00 am ~ 24:00 pm daily from Sunday to Monday.


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