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Spa & Massage Item Time (mins.) Price (RMB)
BATH - Connect 30  


BATH - Dream 30  


BATH - Nurture 30  


BATH - Spice 30  
Not recommended for any guest who is pregnant or with high blood pressure.
Spa & Massage Item Time (mins.) Price (RMB)
BODY - After Sun Cooling Wrap 45 minutes  

This soothing gel wrap is created from the European White Lily, a majestic flower with exceptional skin soothing and calming effects which also provides deep hydration.  The perfect after-sun wrap or for any skin that wants to feel drenched in moisture and coolness.

BODY - Aroma Relaxation 1 hour  

Breathe in tranquility while your body relaxes and stress slips away. Pure essential oils are applied in a warm aromatic treatment, chosen to promote your body’s own ability to release stress and restore peace and well being to the body, mind and soul.

BODY - Honey Mango Body Polish 45 minutes  

We have sourced local, non-heat treated honey that retains all of its naturally occurring antibiotic properties and skin healing enzymes and combined it with sweet smelling mango and raw sugar to give you a luscious full body exfoliation that will leave your skin noticeably smooth and hydrated. body { background: #FFF; }

BODY - Marine Detox 1 hour  

Think of this as a facial for the body! An anti-toxin and anti-stress body wrap using marine and botanical elixirs to stimulate skin and body. Seaweed is well known to improve the circulation and reduce fluid retention so this is perfect for firming, toning and hydrating. You will feel energized!

BODY - Moroccan Rassoul Renewal 1 hour  

Delivering mineralizing, replenishing, rejuvenating and smoothing effects based on techniques drawn from Middle Eastern beauty rituals, this treatment relieves fatigue and exhaustion resulting in a feeling of ultimate renewal.

BODY - Spice Wraps 1 hour  

A potent Oriental full body experience. Our of all natural spice wraps and masks blend local Chinese spices, herbs and botanical extracts to give you a full body exfoliation and help to relieve a variety of concerns you may have. Choose from one of three blends including:

Detoxifying -A deeply heating blend of spices including ginger, pepper and clove, this wrap improves blood circulation, increases metabolism and eases joint and muscle pain. A cooling application of fresh cucumber provides a refreshing finish.

Brightening - Both intensely hydrating and whitening, this wrap of barley, lemon, cucumber and yogurt added to our spice mix will help guests interested in obtaining a clearer, brighter complexion.

Muscle Ease - Suited to guests experiencing muscle aches and pains from sports or exercise, this wrap helps your body’s natural healing systems to repair muscle, ligaments and bruising.

BODY - Tropical Rainshower Polish 30 minutes  

Under the revitalizing water jets of our Vichy Rainshower, as we activate a tropical salt mousse enriched with papaya and pineapple, impurities and toxins are gently exfoliated from the body. The salt mousse then transforms into a fluffy deep cleansing lather and the skin emerges visibly brighter and younger. This is a true deep body cleansing ritual that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

BODY - Tropical Rainshower Ritual 1 hour  

A unique signature treatment truly combining all the benefits of our Qi water and Vichy Shower massage, this treatment combines a total body exfoliation and customized Tea Tree massage to provide perfect balance and a strong sense of well being.

BODY - Tunisian Neroli Polish 45 minutes  

Your skin is gently buffed with a creamy blend of Neroli, Citrus and Lemongrass essential oils with gentle jojoba nut granules that polish away dead cells revealing a silky soft skin.

Spa & Massage Item Time (mins.) Price (RMB)
MASSAGE - Aroma Fusion 60 or 90 minutes  

Rediscover the ancient art of aromatherapy and experience the healing powers of essential oils as we help you journey towards total relaxation and help to balance mind, body and spirit. We use different blends of oils at different times of the day.

MASSAGE - Deep Renewal 60 or 90 minutes  

This deep tissue massage uses techniques which loosen tense muscles after a long day of activities or sports. An effective treatment which increases the circulation and energy flow leaving you refreshed and back to the game.

MASSAGE - Earth Stone 1 hour 30 minutes  

Experience unsurpassed mineral-therapy, relieving muscular, mental and emotional tension ... combining two micronized minerals: malachite and zincite with the finest aromatic essential oils in a spectacular stone therapy body treatment.

MASSAGE - Tropical Rainshower 30 minutes  

Under the healing Qi water jets of our Vichy rainshower, your body is exfoliated with a blend of botanical elements and pure essential oils. This treatment is a true deep body cleansing ritual that will render the skin silky smooth and rejuvenated. body { background: #FFF; } body { background: #FFF; }

MASSAGE - Foot Reflex 60 or 90 minutes  

A traditional massage technique of applying gentle pressure to the reflex points of the feet. Both deeply relaxing and therapeutic, your body's own healing processes will be stimulated. body { background: #FFF; } body { background: #FFF; }

MASSAGE - Foot Ritual 1 hour  

A footbath and exfoliation with guava leaf and peppermint begins this divine hour long treatment focused on your feet. A relaxing yet firm lower leg and foot massage and hot towel wrap gives your feet renewed vitality.

MASSAGE - Qi Fusion 60 or 90 minutes  

This massage is adapted from Tui-na, an energizing body therapy which has been developed in China for over 2,000 years.  Working on specific Chinese acupuncture points and meridian lines in the body, your therapist helps promote the release of blockages in your body's energy system allowing balance and vitality to return to the body.

Spa & Massage Item Time (mins.) Price (RMB)
FACE - Age Intervention 1 hour 30 minutes  

A powerful anti-ageing facial with a unique combination of seaweed from the depths of Brittany’s Sea and Propolis from the renowned Jura Mountains in France. This cool, gentle mask treatment soothes, heals, strengthens and deeply hydrates, leaving skin tight, refreshed, vital and healthy with an exceptional glow. This mask reduces fine lines, strengthens skin, counteracts and restores a youthful appearance, rendering skin visibly luminous!

FACE - Age Management for Men 1 hour  

Counteract the aging process with a proven-effective advanced treatment specifically formulated for men. Rejuvenating botanicals and repairing nutrients replenish skin while counteracting ageing aggressors. Visibly resurfacing, this mask promotes healthy, youthful and soothed skin.

FACE - Aroma Fusion 1 hour  

A personalized facial where pure essential oils are chosen and blended for their unparalleled ability to restore a healthy balanced skin, whatever your skin type or problem. A specialized signature massage promotes deep relaxation. This is a facial that delivers true wellbeing.

FACE - Eye Revitalizer 30 minutes  

This multi-action eye treatment truly refreshes and revitalizes. Focusing on the delicate eye area, this therapy uses an innovative combination of soothing and smoothing ingredients to truly reduce puffiness and dark circles and soften lines and wrinkles. Emerge with visibly refreshed bright eyes.

FACE - Luxury Caviar 1 hour  

Our most results driven facial that unites anti-ageing performance with absolute luxury. Unique ingredients of caviar, pearl and a natural plant derivative to Botox (called ES-COTOX) help improve elasticity, increase oxygenation, counteract sun damage and delivers intense hydration to provide a smoother and radiant skin.

FACE - Moisture Surge 1 hour  

Rich in vital moisture feeding anti-oxidants and vitamins this facial will heal, nourish and renew. Using the power of active and nourishing botanicals found in the Water Lily plant, your skin is drenched in regenerating elixirs.

Spa & Massage Item Time (mins.) Price (RMB)
HANDS & FEET - Caviar Hand Treatment 1 hour  

An ultra-luxurious treatment with superlative results. Our Caviar Hand Treatment counteracts the damaging effects of ageing and environmental stress including sun-damage. It combines anti-ageing ingredients Caviar, Marine Collagen, Retinol and repairing vitamins for repairing and preventative results. This is the ultimate in hand treatments laving your hands soft, smooth and gloriously rejuvenated.

This treatment does not include nail color application.

HANDS & FEET - Essential Hand Therapy 1 hour  

With its paraben-free formulas and ability to counteract premature aging, this repairing and wrinkle smoothing hand treatment deeply nourishes and rejuvenates your skin with a gentle hand exfoliation, manicure and massage. You will be enveloped by the aromas of vanilla and enticing tropical fruits.

This treatment does not include nail color application.

HANDS & FEET - Manicure 1 hour  

A classic manicure where we will groom cuticles and your hands, shape your nails and finish with your choice of a natural buff or polish.

HANDS & FEET - Nail Flash 20 minutes  

An express nail grooming treatment where you choose either a color removal and reapplication or a nail reshape and natural buff.

HANDS & FEET - Pedicure 1 hour  

Treat your feet to some intensive care where we lessen dead skin buildup, tend to your cuticles and shape your nails. A natural buff or polish is your choice. Your feet will look great. body { background: #FFF; }

HANDS & FEET - Tropical Foot Therapy 1 hour  

A purifying footbath begins this sublime foot treatment and pedicure that uses luxurious, creamy and paraben-free formulas enriched with shea butter, collagen, pineapple and mango to restore your feet to a forgotten youthfulness. 

This treatment does not include nail color application.

Spa & Massage Item Time (mins.) Price (RMB)
SPA PACKAGES - Embrace 2 hours 30 minutes  

Take some time out to reconnect with your loved one. Begin with a luscious full body exfoliation then be immersed in our special floral Romance Bath easing you into a state of total relaxation. Follow with one of our signature massages during which we use pure plant extracts and aromatic oil blends to massage you further into a world of calm.

For her: Honey Milk Body Polish, Romance Bath, Aroma Fusion Massage (90 minutes)
For him: Honey Milk Body Polish, Romance Bath, Qi Fusion Massage (90 minutes)

Please note the following ...

- Two people must take this package together in the same room at the same time.
- Treatments cannot be split into different times or different treatment rooms.

SPA PACKAGES - Harmonize 2 hours 30 minutes  

Using Traditional Chinese recipes this healing escape revives the body with an invigorating Spice Bath using a unique blend of oriental herbs and flowers. As your body is wrapped in a mixture of spices made of timeless local ingredients experience a relaxing foot massage. To complete the ritual a beautiful nourishing body milk is applied followed by a Qi Fusion massage.

Spice Bath, Qi Spice Wrap, Qi Fusion Massage (60 minutes)

SPA PACKAGES - Nourish 2 hours 30 minutes  

Using the purest essences of Ylang Ylang, geranium, lemon and extracts of lotus, frangipani, hibiscus, this ritual begins with a foot bath and a full body exfoliation followed by a hydrating relaxation Bath. After this be wrapped in a hydrating body mask then enjoy an Aroma Fusion Massage using an oil blend we prepare only for this ritual. This treatment provides intense moisture replenishment and nourishment to the skin.

Foot Bath, Body Polish, Hydrating Relaxation Bath, Hydrating Body Wrap, Aroma Fusion Massage (60minutes)

SPA PACKAGES - Recharge 60 minutes  

For our guests with limited time, we offer this package where two therapists deliver your treatments simultaneously. Choose from one of our 60 minute facials and a 60 minute Foot Reflex Massage will be completed at the same time.

Foot Bath, 60 minute Facial of your choice, 60 minute Foot Reflex Massage

SPA PACKAGES - Rejuvenate 2 hours 30 minutes  

This is a gentle skin brightening treatment enhanced with licorice, tamarind extracts and essential oils of lime, geranium, lavender directed at reducing blemishes and pigmentation over your body. The combination of foot soak, body scrub, bath, body wrap and  massage purifies and revitalize the skins elasticity, while maintaining hormonal balance.

Foot Soak, Body Scrub, Skin Brightening Bath, Skin Brightening Body Wrap, Aroma Fusion Massage (60minutes)

SPA PACKAGES - Relax 2 hours 30 minutes  

Relax into your spa experience with a soothing Aroma Milk bath then be nurtured with an Aroma Fusion Massage using pure essential oil blends. After this experience our hydration promoting Moisture Surge Facial which replenishes softness and elasticity to the skin.

Connect Bath, Aroma Fusion Massage (60minutes), Moisture Surge Facial (60 minutes).


Contact Information:

  • Tea Tree Spa at Sanya Holiday Inn Yalong Bay Resort
  • Address: Yalong Bay Natl Resort District, Sanya, Hainan
  • Spa Reservation: +86 898 88339988 ext. 8855
  • Spa Opening Hours : Business hours: 9:30AM-00:30AM


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