Hainan Shirts

Other than the bronze-colored skin, the cotton-made island wears fully adorned with colorful fittings made of coconut shell, seashells, corals and tropical fishes can tell you have been in Sanya, and the products are as well good presents for friends and families. Combine this with a pair of comfortable beach shoes, and your stay will be much more comfortable. Hainan island wears is not only favored by tourists, but a must in presence of all official meetings in Hainan, takes lead in the trend to Hainan fashion. Hainan island wears are available at all scenic spots, hotels and monopolized counters of Sanya.

Wear Hainan Shirts and bring Hainan to home.

Wearing the Sanya's dress and traveling in Hainan has become the vogue. Below is some Hainan Famous Brand.

Meiye (海南美椰岛服) Golden Coconut (金椰子) Seniya (丝妮雅)



** Some local market also selling some cheap products, about 15RMB. But the quality is very bad, fade in colour or something...

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