Sanya Local Products

If you want to return with the smell of Hainan and Sanya, Hainan specialties are something definitely can't miss. Sanya offers a big collection of Hainan specialty local products like coffee, kidney fruit, coconut pancake, coconut powder…to name just a few. The products are of high quality and cost-effective, deeply favored by the visitors.

Additionally, both locals and visitors especially appreciate various tropical fruits offered in Sanya. Small banana, guava, durian, mangos teen, wampee, litchi, procession of lanterns or torches fruit, carambola, jackfruit and the most beautiful rose apple are delicious fruits to buy and sample.


For coconut products, you can find them in many shops. The brands of Nanguo (南国) and Chunguang (春光) are the most popular.

Chun Guang Coconut Power Coffee Power Coffee Power Coconut Sweet
coconut power coffee Yellow Spicy Sauce coconut sweet
Nanguo Nanguo Nanguo Nanguo Nanguo
coconut power pepper power jackfruit chips coconut candy
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