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Water Spring Square
Water Spring Square

Situated before the southern gate of BFA International Convention Center, the Water Spring Square is a scenic site composed of a hollowed-out metal terrestrial globe that appears to be supported by the overflowing spring and an oval fountain pond. The location of Asia on the globe just stretches to the main road to the island, which implies that BFA is an open and evolutive forum and meanwhile represents that friends from far and near are welcome to the BFA International Convention Center. The oval fountain pond is of an abstract design in combination of “Ao”, a turtle-shape animal. The ejection pipes in the pond are divided into three layers and they are composed, from the interior to the exterior, of 14 pipes, 96 pipes and 62 pipes respectively in various sizes, so the fountain can eject water regularly, evidently and uniquely.

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Sanya Day Tour Package( seat-in-coach) RMB/Pax
1 Sanya Nanshan 188
2 Nanshan + Tianya Haijiao 298
3 Wuzhizhou 168
4 Wuzhizhou + Nantian Hotspring 298
5 TianYuan Hotspring 148
6 Jinmu Corner (Fishing + BBQ + Snorkely)
+120 with lunch
7 Yanoda Rainforest (with lunch)
+40 with lunch
8 West Island Package 298
9 Nantian Hotspring 168
10 Betel Nut Park, Li and Miao Ethnic Village 138
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