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Sanya Nanshan108m Nanshan Kwan-yin(Guanyin) Statue Overview

108M Nanshan Kwan-yin Statue, Sanya
Sanya Nanshan Kwan-yin Statue, 108M

Nanshan Kwan-yin Statue stands erecting on the South China Sea, as if Kwan-yin Bodhisattva is riding on waves to approach. The entire figure was made of white alloy through enforced forging. The surface of white alloy is spread with special material ¨C fluorin. The statue weights 2600 tons, resists maximum wind speed of 46m/second (or force 14 typhoon), with functions of anti-waves, typhoon resistance and anti-erosion. The statue rises 78 meters high, together with the pedestal, the height is 108 meters, is thus the highest of its kind in the world. If say Liberty Statue represents the western value of "freedom, peace and liberty", then the Nanshan Kwan-yin stands for oriental world¡¯s spirit of "peace, wisdom and mercy".

Beijing, China
Sanya Nanshan Kwan-yin Statue, 108M

The holy statue is in trinity. To have a clear look at the entire image in three angles, you need to circle the entire statue. Nanshan Kwan-yin is the incarnation of Kwan-yin Bodhisattva and general reflection of Kwan-yin doctrine. The front side presents Kwan-yin holding sutra, symbolizing wisdom; the right side shows Kwan-yin holding prayer beads, symbolizing Kwan-yin¡¯s compassion; the left side presents Kwan-yin holding lotus flower, symbolizing peace. In general, the statue embodies Kwan-yin¡¯s purity and perfect penetration.

Nanshan Kwan-yin is magnificent in look and is exclusive of all in the construction of statues in China and the world in general. The project lasted for 6 years, and the Grand Light Opening Consecration Ceremony was held on April 24, 2005. 108 illustrious monks from the mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao got together in Nanshan to unveil the statue and to release blessings to the world. It was a historical moment ever to be encountered.


Sanya Nanshan Travel Tips:


Nanshan Vegetarian Diet is a wonder in the world. Collected the essences of all vegetarian diets of different temples, combined with royal and folk ones and all kinds of favors in the country, it forms a unique Nanshan catering culture with modern cooking.


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Sanya Day Tour Package( seat-in-coach) RMB/Pax
1 Sanya Nanshan 188
2 Nanshan + Tianya Haijiao 298
3 Wuzhizhou 168
4 Wuzhizhou + Nantian Hotspring 298
5 TianYuan Hotspring 148
6 Jinmu Corner (Fishing + BBQ + Snorkely)
+120 with lunch
7 Yanoda Rainforest (with lunch)
+40 with lunch
8 West Island Package 298
9 Nantian Hotspring 168
10 Betel Nut Park, Li and Miao Ethnic Village 138
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