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Yalong Bay National Resort DistrictSanya Butterfly Valley Overview

Sanya Butterfly Valley
Sanya Butterfly Valley

Sanya Butterfly Valley is located near Longtan Lakes near stunning Yalong Bay of Sanya, the 1000 square meters of Butterfly Valley is filled with vibrant colors butterflies flying around.

In the Butterfly valley, an open air flight cage will ensure that visitors are able to interact closely with butterflies. Facilities in the valley include tour areas, exhibition hall / park and a souvenir shop. In the large-scale exhibition hall, there are over 2000 kinds of specimens of butterflies and insects on display, among which the Golden Kaiser is the only classified as state protection butterfly in China. The valley also displays some of China's most rare and precious butterflies, including Peking Papilio. Of special note, Hainan Island has the greatest concentration of butterflies in China and is sometimes known as "The Butterfly Kingdom".

Welcome to Butterfly Park to experience the beauty of nature!


Sanya Butterfly Valley
Sanya Butterfly Valley
Sanya Butterfly Valley
Sanya Butterfly Valley

Sanya Butterfly Valley Travel Tips:


  • Address: Yalong Bay, Sanya

  • To downtown:30 Min

  • Transportation: Taxi, Shuttle bus

  • Butterfly Valley Entrance fee: 21RMB/person

Butterfly Valley Photos

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Sanya Day Tour Package( seat-in-coach) RMB/Pax
1 Sanya Nanshan 188
2 Nanshan + Tianya Haijiao 298
3 Wuzhizhou 168
4 Wuzhizhou + Nantian Hotspring 298
5 TianYuan Hotspring 148
6 Jinmu Corner (Fishing + BBQ + Snorkely)
+120 with lunch
7 Yanoda Rainforest (with lunch)
+40 with lunch
8 West Island Package 298
9 Nantian Hotspring 168
10 Betel Nut Park, Li and Miao Ethnic Village 138
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