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Sanya NanshanSanya Nanshan Cultural Park Overview

Sanya Nanshan Buddhism CulturalTourism Zone is one of the largest cultural tourist attractions of its kind in China, it's located just 40 kilometres west of Sanya City along the Hainan West Expressway. There are three separate parks within Nanshan:

Nanshan Buddhism Culture Park is a window on China's traditional Buddhism culture;

The Felicty and Longevity Culture Park reflects an atmosphere of peace, harmony and long life;

The Nanshan Cultural Park highlights China's diverse social customs. The key feature of the zone is the three sided statue of Guan Yin Buddha, Buddhist Temples, spectacular landscape and sea views. The zone has been designated a Priority Project of China Tourism Development and earmarked for further development. Recently completed, the bronze statue of Guan Yin Buddha stands 108 metres tall on a man made island in the sea just off Nanshan. It's larger than the statue of liberty.

Nanshan has been deemed an auspicious and blessing land in Brahma. According to the record from Buddhism scriptures, the Guanyin Buddha vowed twelve oaths to save all living beings. To dwell at South Sea permanently is the second oath of the twelve, Master Jianzhen, the renowned monk in Tang Dynasty, tried in vain five times to sail eastward to Japan for prench of Buddha’s steaching. On his fifth sail to Japan, he was drifted to Nanshan. While staying in Nanshan for one year and a half, he set up a temple and did missionary work, and then, finally succeeded in his sixth voyage to Japan. The Japanese travel monk named Konghai also landed Nanshan on his way to learn Buddhism in Tang Dynasty. The well know saying “Good fortune as vast as East Sea, Long Life as great as Nanshan Mountain” shows further the Nanshan’s origin of relations between Chinese traditional culture of auspicious and longevity.

Sanya Nanshan Overview

Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone is a rare extra large-scale eco-cultural tourism zone with an area of 50 square km including sea area of more than 10 square km. Backing on its beautiful sea and mountain landscape and rich historical culture resource, Nanshan will be built into several cultural theme parks and resorts including Buddhism Park. Historical Site in India, World of Auspicious and Longevity. Statues of Fairy Tales, Gate Scenery District, relevant hotels, vocation villas and other facilities. Among those, the construction od Nanshan Buddhism Cultural Theme Park was started in NOV. 1995 and was completed and opened to public in April 1998. the park consists of sites and sceneries with Buddhist Cultural including “Nanshan Temple”, ”Nanshan Kwan-yin Statue on South Sea”, “Savior Garden” , “Auspicious Garden”, “Longevity Valley” and “Small Moon Bay”. There are attractions like “Gold and Jade Kwan-yin Statue” which has been put into the World Guinness Record, the world largest Stone Ink “Dragon-Phoenix Stone Ink” , “Brahma Bells Garden” , and further more a marvelous phenomenon and world focus, the giant called “The No.1 Statue project in the world as well as in the century”. This project took construction period of 6 years and had a Grand Buddhist Revealing Ceremony on April 24, 2005. It was really a great event of Buddhism occurring only once in a thousand years.

Sanya Nanshan Kwan-yin Overview

Nanshan, with its harmony and beauty, is now a tourist destination attracting more and more tourists coming from all over the world. It is here that people can enjoy them selves not only in the great tropical ecological environment with sunshine, sea, sand, blossom and greenery but also can feel with heart deep within the real beauty of peace and harmony of Buddhism culture and terse the joyfulness of returning to the nature.

Sanya Nanshan Temple Info

Address Yacheng Town, Sanya, Hainan Island, China
Location To Sanya City 40 Kilometers
Transportation Taxi, Sightseeing Bus [ Yalong Bay<->Nanshan Temple ]
Admission Fee CNY150 ; CNY78 for child
Other Ticket Gold Jade Statue CNY30 ; Buffet Lunch CNY68 ; Battery Car CNY30
Playing Time at least 2 hours
Tel/Fax 86-898-88837985 / 88837872
Open 08:00 ~ 18:00
  * Price is for reference only

Sanya Nanshan Travel Tips:


Nanshan Vegetarian Diet is a wonder in the world. Collected the essences of all vegetarian diets of different temples, combined with royal and folk ones and all kinds of favors in the country, it forms a unique Nanshan catering culture with modern cooking.


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