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Seven Fairy Mountain Overview

Seven Fairy MountainSeven Fairy Mountain is located in Baoting County. The Narada Tropical Resort is just located at the foot of Seven Fairy Mountain.The Seven Fairy Mountain is also famous by the hot springs.

The mountain’s elevation is 1126 meters above sea level. There are seven stones projecting to the sky on the top of the mountain, just like seven fingers pointing to the sky, so is called Seven-Finger Mountain by the local people. During noon time, the majestic statues of the stones look like seven swords as the mist is dispelled. To look from a long distance, the seven peaks look like seven beautiful ladies, standing in thin veils, so come with the name of Seven Fairy Mountain.

The way leading to the peak is thoroughly paved with stones. As the gradient of the mountain is about 60 degrees, so it is fenced with banister rails. On the top of the mountain, you can’t help but think that all the mountains beneath your feet become so small. You must be wondering at the marvelous nature on the earth.

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