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Wuzhizhou IslandSanya Wuzhizhou Island Overview

Wuzhizhou Island Overview
Wuzhizhou Island - Overview

Survey of Wuzhizhou Island - LEGEND

Due to its abundant and unique tropic island tourist resources, Wuzhizhou Island has been the most favored scenic spot for those medium and high-end tourists paying a visit to Hainan.

Gorgeous natural landscapes, various and characteristic supporting facilities such as villas, cabins, bars, tennis courts and seafood restaurants, and the well-developed thirty-odd maritime and beach entertaining events including diving sightseeing, semi-diving sighting, offshore fishing, water-skiing, yachting, windsurfing, motorboat, banana boat, canoe, dragging parachute, frisking boat, beach motorcycle, sea parachute jumping, beach volleyball and beach soccer, all of which may bring sight-seers and tourists with all experiences in the sense of primitivity, peace, romantism and dynamic vogue.

Lying in Haitang Bay and north of Sanya City, Wuzhizhou Island is 2.7 km away from the Houhai Village of Linwang Town in Sanya and with Nanwan Monkey Island on the north and Yalong Bay, which is known as the “No. 1 bay under the sun”, on the south. It is 30 Km away from the center of Sanya and 38 Km away from Sanya Phoenix International Airport and adjacent to Hainan east line expressway, all of which contribute to convenient and speedy traffic conditions.

Wuzhizhou Island Overview
Wuzhizhou Island - Beach

The Island is in irregular shape like a butterfly covering a land area of 1.48 square kilometers. Its length along the west-east orientation is 1500 meters and its width along the north-south direction is 1100 meters. Total coastline length of Wuzhizhou Island is 5.7 Km and the southern peak has an altitude of 79.9 meters.

85 families or 2700 species aboriginal plants pervade over hills and dales in the east, west and south of the Island. Local vegetations include tall and lofty arbors and flourishing and low shrubs, both of which you may encounter anywhere. And you may even take a chance to meet with some exotic flowers and trees for instance alsophila spinulosa, one of the dominant foods for those dinosaurs in ancient times, and dracaena draco, the oldest plant remained so far around the world and thus titled as “ the king of longevity under the sun” and also botanic landscapes created by some types of parasitical plants and strangling plants prevailing in tropic zone.

Wuzhizhou Island Overview
Wuzhizhou Island - Beach

Jagged rocks soar loftily into the sky and fall vertically into the sea. Stormy sea beats the shore and presents a splendid sight. Winding center wood and grassland undulate like a dancing girl in green. Calm and tranquil beach lies in the north and contains pure white and fine sands as if a jade from God.

Neighboring waters is clear and crystal with the seawater visibility of 6 meters through 27 meters. It teems with luminous whelk, sea cucumber, lobster, sierra, echinus, pomfret and colorful tropical fishes. There are well-preserved coral reefs on the seabed in southern waters. As one of few islands around the world with no reef or miscellaneous cobbles, Wuzhizhou Island is the optimal diving base in China. Gazing in the distance, you may find out mist-covered waters and that the sea melted into the sky.

Sanya Wuzhizhou Island Holiday Center is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hainan Seascape Garden International Co., Ltd. Ever since its initial incorporation in 1998, the Holiday Center has received 3.2 million tourists both from home and abroad and achieved extensive recognition around the world due to its advantaged holiday environment and specialized managerial service.

Scenic Spots in Wuzhizhou Island

Matsu Temple ( Ma Zu Miao ) Lover Bridge ( Qing Ren Qiao )
Matsu Temple Lover Bridge
Matsu, the patron saint for navigation industry, is consecrated here. Initially it was built up in A.D. 1893 (and thus it has a history of more than one hundred years) as a hospice to consecrate Can Jie, initiator of Chinese characters.

The hospice has been gradually ruined due to poor maintenance after Qing Dynasty. Local fishermen had no idea of which deity was this hospice for, so they pulled down the original joss and began to consecrate Goddess Matsu, the patron saint for navigation industry in their belief. At last Goddess Matsu Temple was also ruined and existing temple was the result of reconstruction in 1993 when local developers commenced large maintaining campaigns within the Island.
Lover Bridge, originally an iron chain bridge, was an offshore watch post once used by the island defending army.

It would need some courage and flexibility if you want to walk on it.Some pretty girls may be eager enough to walk through the chain bridge and step into the watch post to find something new. While they are still worry about risks of falling into the deep sea. So the girl would grasp his boy friend’s hands firmly and yell and walk forward. Therefore the bridge got a romantic name as “Lover Bridge”.

The previous iron chain bridge has been renovated as present wood board bridge by us for the safety of guests. Have a girl friend? Then it would be an opportunity here to walk through the “Lover Bridge” grasping your girl friend’s hands.
Sunrise Rock ( Guan Ri Yan ) Gold Turtle Stretching Sea ( Jin Gui Tan Hai )
Sunrise Rock Gold Turtle Stretching forward to the Sea
The Sunrise Rock is located at the southeastern cliff in Wuzhizhou Island. Standing on the Sunrise Rock, leaning against the azure ocean in breeze and gazing far into the distance, you can overlook the whole island and have a panoramic view toward the vast South China Sea.

At the foot of Sunrise Rock there are jagged rocks in grotesque shapes. Upon calm seas and gentle breezes, you may only witness the majestic stones in all its variety; while upon stormy sea and terrifying waves, you may experience our great nature’s magnificent scenery of shaking heaven and earth. Sunrise Rock is the most optimal site to observe sunrise.

When the red sun initially gushes at the easternmost skyline, boundless sunglow would trigger all your joyfulness and at the same time those overwhelming billows would comfort all those frustrated hearts.
In the southeastern area of Wuzhizhou Island and exactly under the Sunrise Rock, there is a natural giant stone in the shape of a huge turtle whose head and shell are vivid and visible.

The most fantastic thing about the turtle is that a long strip rock above the sea level seats itself at the left front of the whole rocks and thus when submerged by sea water, it looks like that the turtle is thrashing water with its paws. The image is so dynamic and vivid that it looks like a giant turtle edging down upon the vast ocean and returning to its motherland. Then the sight spot got its meaningful name as “Gold Turtle Stretching forward to the Sea”.

Lover Island ( Qing Ren Dao ) Life Well ( Sheng Ming Jing )
Lover Island Life Well
Lover Island consists of two giant stones that have witnessed thousand years of ebb and flow and now still stands there calmly face to face as if a couple in love.

It is said that it was nominated in the name of a pair of deeply loved young couple who were turned into stones by irritated Dragon King. Now Lover Island has became one of the most attractive sights in Wuzhizhou Island and the best favored site for those lovers to whisper to each other and appreciate the rote of surf.

According to the record of Sanya’s county annals, long ago there were a fisherman and his three sons, who made their living by going fishing in the sea.

One day they were hit by an unexpected hurricane and all fell into water. With a piece of shipboard in hands and confronting the struggle of life and death for several days, they were so hungry and thirsty. Fortunately they were carried by waves and landed at the beach of the Wuzhizhou Island. To their great surprise, they found a little pond adjacent to their landing site and thus they were saved. Consequently they settled down in the Island and successfully excavated a well at the landing site and then the well got its name as “Life Well”.

Ever since then the well has been providing fresh water to numerous fishermen who pass by it and go out for fishing.

Wuzhizhou Island Travel Tips:


  • Address: Haitang Bay, Haitang town, Sanya City
  • To downtown:20km
  • Transportation: Taxi, rented tour microbus
  • Entrance fee: 138RMB/person, inc. boat cost
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