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Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone, Yanoda Rainforest Yanoda Rainforest Hainan Overview

Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone

Sunbala in Hainan - the Heaven in Heart

Yanoda Rainforest - Waterfall

Yanoda is originally a phonogram consists of Ya, No, Da, indicating the numeral words "one, two, three" in the Hainan dialect. Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone has put new meanings to these phonograms: "Ya means innovation", "No" represents promise and "Da" refers to practice. The concept of Yanoda here intends to perpetuate the native cultures and exhibit the essence of Chinese traditional culture.

Yanoda Rainforest Tourism Zone is situated apart from 18km to the high way of Sanya-Haikou, and only 35 km from the downtown of Sanya City. The site has a total planning area of 45 square kilometers encircled by an ecological protection area of 123 square kilometers. The total investment of the project will be about RMB3.9 billion.

Sanya Yanoda Rainforest
Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone

With the investment RMB0.2 billion already, Yanoda has already built two scenic zones, the Rainforest Valley and the Dreamworld Valley. All spots are connected by totally 18km inner ring roads with the traffic means of American battery cars, high-class shuttle buses, plank roads alongside cliffs and suspension bridges on waterfalls. The Rainforest Valley contains six rainforest wonders such as plant strangle, flower basket, old Stems Blossom, great roots, intertwined vines and huge stones embraced by roots. All these natural scenes are symbolizing the essential features of the five major rainforests in Hainan Island. In the valleys, designed artfuly according to the landscape and the mountain terrain, the plank roads lead to the deep forest, the


stone staircase twist up at both sides of the huge rocks, the suspension bridges sway in midair, the steel hawsers cross up to the mountain through the waterfalls. Visitors here can feel tranquility and the mystery in the deep forest, enjoy the joyfulness of playing waterfalls, and experience the pleasant surprise and the quiver of emotion on the fantastic sky bridges in Yanoda.

For your confortable and convenient to visit Yanoda, “Sanya-Yanoda” free shuttle bus line is open, Start at 09:00 from the Pearl Square in Sanya Return at 15:00 from Yanoda

Ticket Information

Admission Ticket + Shuttle Bus to inside of park: CNY170

Buffet Lunch: CNY78

Water Activity: CNY100

Zip Line: CNY60

Yanoda Rainforest: >Seat in Coach< - Sightseeing Packages:

Package A: CNY194: Entrance ticket + E-guide + Shuttle bus

Package B: CNY242: Entrance ticket + E-guide + Shuttle bus + Buffet lunch

Package C: CNY252: Entrance ticket + E-guide + Shuttle bus + Water Activity

Package D: CNY312: Entrance ticket + E-guide + Shuttle bus + Buffet lunch + Water Activity

  Departure Area Return
  08:00 Sanya City: Mingzhu Plaza 15:30
  08:30 Dadonghai: Resort Intime 15:30
  08:00-08:30 Sanya Bay Area 15:30
  08:30-09:00 Yalong Bay 15:30
  1. Free shuttle bus reservation - 24 hours in advance
  2. Open time for Chinese tonic herbs buffet: 11:00- 16:00
  3. Nonrefundable for package price except the irresistible elements
  4. When return, please wait for the bus 30 minutes in advance. And please double check with staff the returning time.


Sanya Yanoda Rainforest

Address Sandao, Baoting County , Hainan Island, China
Location To Sanya City 40 Kilometers
Transportation Taxi, Private Car
Playing Time at least 2 hours
Tel/Fax 86-898-83883333 / 83881129
Website http://www.yanoda.com
Open 08:00 ~ 18:00
  * Price is for reference only

Yanoda Rainforest - Travel Tips:


The Yanoda Rainforest is really big and beautiful, usually need about half day for playing.

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