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Sanya City is a tropical international tourist city. It enjoys clean seawater, fresh air, beautiful beaches and bright sunshine and is rich in natural tropical scenery and historical sites. Sanya stands the latitude between 18?9 and 18?7, almost the same as Hawaii. Thus, it's often called "the Hawaii of China" or "Orient Hawaii".


Situated at the southern-most tip of Hainan Island of China, Sanya lies in the southern valley of the Wuzhi Mountain range. Sanya has a population of about 524,000 and covers an area of about 1,900 sq km with about 209 km of coastline with more than 19 harbors and more than 40 islands highlighted by natural beaches, fresh sea breezes and crystal-clear waters. Sanya is located at 18?latitude and 108?longitude and adjoins Tongzha County to the north, Baoting and Lingshui counties to the northeast, and Ledong County to the northwest.


Sanya's population of more than 524,000 people takes in some 20 nationalities, including the Han, Li, Miao, and Hui. Increasingly, people from across China and elsewhere in the world are being drawn to Sanya's inviting climate and promising business environment to build a truly multi-cultural city.


Sanya has an airport ?Phoenix International Airport which is the second largest in Hainan Island, with flights to domestic and foreign cities; and the bus and taxi in the down town is cheap and convenience. The Sanya harbor has now become an important port of entry and exit for deluxe passengers ships and for trade with foreign countries.


Below is some basic Chinese, please remember. It would be very convenient for you.

Hello ! Hi ! Do are you ? Excuse me. May I ask you a question?
Taxi. Hi, Taxi. To this place, please.
Taxi I want to go to this place.
To the airport, please. I want to exchange money.
To the airport, please. xianghuanqian
Thank you. You're welcome!
I'm very sorry about that. That's all right. It doesn't matter.
Goodbye. Restroom.
I'll take this. How much does it cost?
geiwozhege How much does it cost?
That's too expensive. Can I get a discount?
That's too expensive. Can I get a discount?
Happy New Year !  


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